African mangoes
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African Mango
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Durability of results:

It is number one in burning redundant fat tissue and, at the same time, helping to maintain and control the correct body weight. It is the appropriately developed composition including Irviginia Gabonensis that contributes to achieving satisfactory results. What is more, the high fibre concentration supports digestive and thus metabolic processes in the body. African Mango is a completely safe product, which is due to the fact that all ingredients are of natural origin.

African Mango is a source of such ingredients as vitamins C and E, vitamin B6 and K, B vitamins, polyphenols, provitamin A, carotenoids, potassium, copper, as well as omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Benefits of using African Mango:

  • It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals,
  • It reduces appetite and provides a feeling of satiety for longer,
  • It accelerates the burning of fat tissue even from the most resistant areas - abdomen, thighs and buttocks,
  • It lowers cholesterol levels,
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • It regulates blood glucose levels,
  • It removes toxins from the body so that nutrients can be absorbed more easily,
  • It reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin firmness during weight loss,
  • It improves the appearance of the skin,
  • It prevents accumulation of food residues,
  • It stops the production of body fat,
  • It improves well-being.

60 capsules in a pack - 1 month of weight loss treatment. Take up to two capsules daily with a meal.

African Mango Premium Plus
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Durability of results:

African Mango Premium Plus is a globally recognised high quality dietary supplement, which also contains African mango extract. Its most important ingredient is African mango seed which has a beneficial effect on factors regulating metabolism.

The ingredients include African mango extract (Irvingia gabonesis 10:1), binders-microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agents-silicon dioxide, anti-caking agents-magnesium stearate. The manufacturer of African Mango Premium Plus addresses its offer mainly to people who intensively do sports, work out and live in a polluted environment.

Benefits of using African Mango Premium Plus:

  • Quickly burnt fat from the abdominal area and buttocks,
  • Accelerated metabolism,
  • Easily assimilated, so its effects are quickly felt,
  • Reduced feeling of hunger,
  • Body fat is used as an excellent source of energy,
  • Reduced accumulation of new body fat,
  • Regulated digestive system,
  • Regulated blood sugar levels, which makes it easier to maintain at optimal levels.

60 capsules in a pack - 1 month of weight loss treatment. Take up to two capsules daily with a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

African Mango Meltdown
Rating: 8,7/10
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Durability of results:

African Mango Meltdown is a supplement developed by top professionals who, in their quest to achieve the best possible results, have come up with a formula that features vitamin C, B6, B12, African mango, as well as green tea extract, black pepper and raspberry ketones.

Benefits of using African Mango Meltdown:

  • Reduced appetite,
  • Accelerated fat burning,
  • Prevention of new tissue formation,
  • Improved metabolism,
  • Making demanding diets easier to follow, as you are less likely to feel hungry.

60 capsules in a pack - 1 month of weight loss treatment. Take 1 capsule 45 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 45 minutes before dinner. A balanced diet and at least some physical activity is recommended.


African mangoes as an aid in the fight for a slim figure!

More and more people all over the world worry about their body looks. No wonder, as overweight and obesity constitute one of the numerous civilisation diseases, which will be a problem for more and more women and men every year, regardless of age.

Therefore, we immediately should take steps which will help us to get rid of excessive kilograms.

In order to help you achieve your goal, namely a slim body, we have decided to prepare a ranking of the best prodcts for slimming, which contain African mango in their composition. It is valued in the fight against accumulated fatty tissue in various body parts.



Everyone dreams of a slim and awe-inspiring figure. These desires concern representatives of both sexes at practically every age. Therefore, it is not surprising that various actions are taken to bring us closer to achieving a satisfying effect.

We are convinced that the information we have provided will be helpful in choosing the most effective solution in the fight against excessive kilograms and body fat. However, we must realise that a diet supplement will never replace a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity. Only the combination of supplementation with such activities will help us achieve fast and effects in the form of weight reduction. Choose the most suitable solution for you today, the best diet supplement for slimming, give it time to start working and enjoy a beautiful appearance. Do not hesitate! Start acting today!


More and more people around the world are struggling with the problem of excess weight and obesity. This is an issue that affects more and more of us, and has therefore been added to the list of diseases of civilisation. There are many reasons for being overweight, and in many cases it is the fault of an inappropriate diet, a bad lifestyle as well as hormones or genetic conditions. It is extremely important to take action to get rid of excessive kilograms because excess weight may lead to many health problems.

On the basis of studies carried out, scientists have come to the conclusion that overweight and obesity mainly occur in people who eat poorly or lead unhealthy lifestyles. These people do not pay particular attention to what and how much they eat. We must remember that the interval between meals is also of great importance. Snacking between meals is one of the causes of excess weight, because our body receives large amounts of energy and it does not have the opportunity to process it. It is up to us to control the quantity and size of our meals.

However, in a large part of our society, there are genetic factors that cause us to gain weight and have difficulty in reducing the accumulated fat tissue. In addition, there are situations in which excessive weight gain is the result of chronic illnesses or of taking a large number of drugs that are necessary for treatment. Scientists note that when the endocrine glands are not functioning properly, excess weight can result from abnormal metabolism in the body.

Treatment of overweight

We must be aware that the treatment of overweight and obesity is important because they lead to a deterioration of the patient's health. Are you wondering how overweight can be treated? First of all, we must introduce a diet that is suitable for each patient; this is an individual matter. Such diets are energy-dense, because only in this way are we able to create a negative energy balance, which leads to the body being forced to use stored fat as an energy source. The most effective solution is to consult a doctor, who will take an individual approach to the patient and help to develop a healthy and optimal diet in terms of energy expenditure. What is more, positive effects can be achieved by combining a balanced diet with physical activity as well as supplementation based on natural ingredients.

Everything you need to know about slimming tablets

Slimming tablets are an internationally recognised supplement for our bodies, which quickly and effectively hit the source of the problem and provide support for fat reduction. It is on the active ingredients contained in the supplements that the fight with the unnecessary kilograms depends. On the supplement market you can find products which reduce the feeling of hunger, thanks to which you lose weight, or those which are meant to accelerate the burning of fat tissue.

Slimming tablets - ingredients

The popular weight loss supplements are rich in many active ingredients, which include:

  • Chromium - thanks to its action, maintains carbohydrate metabolism at an optimal level, at the same time reducing the craving for something sweet. Due to the fact that the action of chromium facilitates the transfer of glucose from blood into cells, the amount of insulin secreted is reduced. It has a significant impact on burning fat tissue.
  • Dietary fibre - ensures the feeling of satiety for a long time, thanks to which we eat less and eat less, and this is due to the increase in its volume in the stomach. Choosing food products rich in fibre means that we do not snack between meals, and we supply our body with significantly fewer calories than before.
  • Beanamine - an ingredient which, through its action, reduces the calorific value of food consumed by making it more difficult for the body to assimilate starch.
  • Caffeine - speeds up metabolism, has a thermogenic effect and increases the amount of calories burned during physical activity.
  • Chitosan - ensures the feeling of satiety for longer. This ingredient causes binding in the digestive tract bile acids, cholesterol as well as dietary fats. It contributes to a reduction in the absorption of fats by the body, which in turn leads to a reduction in body weight.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA - contributes to burning fat, increasing muscle mass and improving metabolism, blocking the penetration of fat into cells.

Slimming tablets - types

  • Appetite suppressants - regular intake of this type of tablets leads to suppressing the feeling of hunger, which is possible thanks to the influence on the appetite centre in the brain. Their formula is based on an appropriate selection of the most effective ingredients, which include caffeine, pineapple, apple cider vinegar, guarana and bitter orange. Appetite suppressants act on our body in such a way that they reduce the feeling of hunger thanks to ingredients which swell in the stomach providing us with the feeling of satiety.
  • Fat burners (fat burners) - these tablets contribute, among other things, to the increase in thermo genesis, facilitating the transport of long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria. This is the place where they are transformed into energy, which leads to a fast and satisfactory reduction in fat tissue. However, without implementing physical activity into our lifestyle, fat burners will not bring the desired results. Therefore, we can say that physical activity is essential to activate the ingredients contained in these tablets. Fat burners are rich in linoleic acid, caffeine and l-carnitine.

It is also worth mentioning that slimming tablets have an effect on speeding up metabolism, as their composition is usually based on natural ingredients, such as grapefruit extract or green tea extract. On the other hand, slimming tablets can also reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. How is this possible? These tablets cause the food components that affect fat accumulation to be immediately excreted from the body.

Slimming tablets

Slimming tablets without prescription

They are extremely popular with people who want a weight-loss solution without having to see a doctor to get a prescription for slimming pills. These are mainly weight loss supplements, which are based on natural ingredients, such as exotic plant extracts. They range from green coffee, African mango to bitter orange. The presence of these ingredients guarantees support for the weight loss process, which manifests itself in better metabolism and control of cholesterol levels in the body. However, we must remember that slimming supplements alone will not make us slim. A well-balanced diet and even light physical activity are necessary. The combination of all these aspects will make achieving a slim figure much easier and faster.

Slimming pills - what to avoid

When deciding to use slimming tablets, we must remember to choose only those from proven sources. Let us choose dietary supplements coming only from a verified and original source, so that we do not expose ourselves to serious health problems. Do not buy supplements from dubious sources, as you cannot be sure of their composition, action and possible side effects. We suggest that safe and effective slimming tablets should have a natural and safe composition, free from prohibited and dangerous substances.

High quality diet supplements supporting weight loss are a perfect supplement to a rational diet and physical activity, thanks to which we are able to lose weight quickly and effectively. In order to start the slimming treatment in the best way, we have to think about our expectations and adjust the preparation to our needs. We should follow the manufacturer's recommendations and contraindications in order to eliminate the risk of adverse reactions.

Slimming tablets - where to look

When starting the process of losing weight, it is important to stock up on high quality dietary supplements, thanks to which you will quickly and satisfactorily achieve your goals. It is worth mentioning that the largest number of diet supplements can be found via websites. However, we should remember to use only proven sources. Let's avoid questionable shops and internet auctions, because we may fall victim to fraud. Let us choose dietary supplements from the manufacturers themselves, because then we can be sure that we buy original, tested products that are based on natural ingredients. What is more, the manufacturers make every effort to offer products at the lowest possible prices. Customers have the opportunity to take advantage of favourable price packages as well as numerous promotions. Visit the website of the manufacturer of supplements for slimming today and get to know the rich offer, choose a product adapted to your needs and expectations and start the fight with excessive kilograms. No need to wait! Take care of your appearance today!

What is an African mango?

Nowadays, more and more people make efforts to achieve a slim figure, which is an indicator of our physical attractiveness. Therefore, it is no wonder that each of us wants to look our best, as this is the way we are perceived by others. It probably happened to you at least once, when you were on a devastating diet and exhausting physical exercises. Did they not bring you any results? Try an internationally recognised supplementation with supplements enriched with African mango. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight.

How does the African mango work?

On the basis of the conducted research, scientists have come to the conclusion that African mango is characterised by high effectiveness and positive influence on our body. African mango quickly and effectively helps to lose weight even by several kilograms within a month. Moreover, it is an excellent fat burner even from the most resistant areas, which include the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. African mango speeds up metabolism using energy from fat, not muscle or water reserves. At the same time, it is worth noting that African mango lowers cholesterol and regulates blood glucose levels. African mango also has an effect on increasing leptin levels, as this reduces appetite, making us feel satiated for longer. This also leads to a reduction in the number of meals taken, thanks to which we supply the body with fewer calories, which contributes to achieving a slim figure.

What is an African mango

Fibre content

The research shows that African mangoes are an excellent source of fibre, which has a direct effect on reducing our appetite. It is fibre that makes us eat less and feel full faster during a meal. This means that we can take in far fewer calories. In addition, fibre also has a cleansing effect on the body, helping to remove toxins and heavy metals. Moreover, fibre has been reported to regulate the maintenance of adequate cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

How to use African mango

We must realise that just taking a supplement rich in African mango is not enough. To achieve the best possible results we should combine supplementation with physical activity and a well-balanced diet to provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Giving up various stimulants and avoiding stressful situations may also be helpful in reducing excess weight, which undoubtedly leads to weight gain rather than the desired reduction.

Why such a sudden interest in African mangoes?

Studies show that obesity and overweight are already considered to be the diseases of civilisation of our times. In addition, each of us pays attention to the physical attractiveness of another person, because it helps to achieve a much greater career. Furthermore, more and more of us are beginning to realise that being overweight can lead to a number of cardiovascular diseases, which can even result in death. We need to realise that by making an effort to lose weight and reduce body fat, we are ensuring ourselves a few extra years of life.

African mango - what is it?

The African mango is a plant which, thanks to its valuable properties, makes it easier to get rid of excess weight. How is this possible? It has a beneficial effect of reducing the appetite, thanks to which we are able to consume smaller quantities of food. As a result, the feeling of satiety accompanies us definitely for a longer period of time. African mango allows you to lose several kilos within a month without changing your lifestyle significantly. The plant promotes weight loss while regulating cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, which is an undoubted advantage.

African mangoes – Where does its phenomenon come from?

African mango is a plant valued all over the world, which, due to its properties, is often used during various weight loss and fat reduction treatments. It has a direct effect on our body by reducing appetite, thanks to the increase in leptin levels in the body. Leptin is the hormone that influences the feeling of hunger. If leptin levels are too low, we tend to reach for food and snacks more often, which makes us snack between meals. Due to the fact that African mango maintains high leptin levels in the body, it is counted among the most effective appetite suppressants.

Why such a sudden interest in African mangoes

At the same time, it is worth noting that African mango has a significant impact on speeding up the metabolic process, thanks to which we burn excess fat accumulated in our body faster. Reducing the appetite makes us eat much less, and then our body starts to reach into the layers of accumulated fat, which makes us lose volume. Just a few weeks of treatment with African mango is enough to notice a decrease in the amount of fat tissue in relation to our total body weight.

In addition, African mango helps to regulate cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. The plant has no side effects and does not cause mood swings common in many weight loss treatments. What is more, the fibre content of African mangoes helps cleanse the body of toxins, making us feel better and giving us more energy to act.

African mangoes - how to get them

African mangos are increasingly being used in weight-loss treatments designed to improve metabolism and reduce body fat. Unfortunately, the plant cannot be found in any shop as it only grows in Africa. Nevertheless, we assure you that you can benefit from the precious effects of African mango extract in the form of slimming tablets and capsules. Studies show that regular use of supplementation in the form of capsules containing African mango brings us closer to achieving a satisfying effect of a slim figure. What is more, if we add a well-balanced diet and at least a little physical activity to the supplementation, we are able to lose up to five per cent of our body weight within a month.

Without a doubt, African mango is one of the easiest forms contributing to losing weight. All it takes is regularity of use and a bit of self-discipline, and a slim figure is basically at your fingertips. No wonder then that African mango is the appetite suppressant of choice for both men and women around the world. Check out the effectiveness of African mango today and share your opinion with us.

What do we know about the safety resulting from the use of African mango?

It is a well-known fact that African mango is very popular during slimming treatments. Both on the Polish and global market, you can find a wide range of supplements for slimming, which are based primarily on the action of African mango. Scientists make every effort to prove that this plant, thanks to its properties, is completely safe for our health.

Numerous studies show that regular use of African mango supplements is able to help us reduce excessive weight. Just one month is enough for us to lose about 5 percent of our body weight. What is important, without any sacrifices or changes in lifestyle. Moreover, when analysing the results of the study, the researchers noted that along with the decrease in body weight, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides decreased, and HDL cholesterol increased. The researchers also highlight that the use of African mango significantly improves body fat, waist circumference as well as total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose levels, C-reactive protein, adiponectin and leptin in the blood.

Every person who has decided to undergo a weight-loss treatment at least once in their life knows what the yo-yo effect may appear. It is an undesirable effect, which most often occurs after a significant weight reduction and return to normal lifestyle and nutrition. Fortunately, when you choose African mango, you don't have to be afraid of it, because you reduce your body weight in a natural way, in harmony with your organism. Your body is not shocked, you do not have to undergo exhausting starvation, but you naturally reduce the amount of food you eat. This is due to the valuable property of the African mango, which reduces our appetite, so we do not snack between meals and consume significantly fewer calories.

One might even be tempted to say that African mango supplements can prove helpful in the fight against obesity. African mango helps reduce body fat, lower cholesterol and remove all kinds of toxins from the body, making us healthier and improving our mood and self-confidence. Sometimes even a month-long treatment can work wonders. Therefore, we should not be surprised that more and more people reach for this kind of solutions.

What do we know about the safety resulting from the use of African mango

What are the benefits of African mango

African mango is a popular ingredient in slimming supplements. Due to its valuable properties, it perfectly deals with the reduction of fat tissue. It has been proven that systematic use of such products has a beneficial effect on improving the work of the digestive tract, which can be observed just a few days after starting treatment with African mango supplements. In addition, the African mango extract has a direct impact on lowering the level of bad cholesterol as well as maintaining blood glucose at optimal levels. Consumers also point out that it gives us the energy we need, which gives us a kick to take action, apply more physical activity, and at the same time fight to achieve a slim figure.

What is more, scientists focusing on the evaluation of the properties of African mango emphasise that by increasing leptin levels in the body, it causes a reduction in appetite, thanks to which we consume less food while also feeling satiated. Already after the first few capsules, appetite suppression can be observed, which is undoubtedly of great importance during a weight loss treatment. In addition, African mango contributes to the removal of various toxins from the body, which affects the entire condition of our body. Therefore, it is not surprising that our general well-being improves significantly.

One might even be tempted to formulate a thesis that African mangoes contribute to the fight against the epidemic that is global obesity. It is the mango content that contributes to improving metabolic processes, normalising blood glucose levels, as well as reducing body fat. This is due to the high level of fibre, which has a significant impact on improving metabolism and cleansing the body of toxins.

It is also worth noting that the effects of African mango on our body can be intensified through a well-balanced diet as well as through increased physical activity. In such a situation, one cannot be surprised that more and more consumers decide to introduce such a supplement into their lives. However, we should remember that it cannot replace a balanced diet, but only support our efforts to achieve the slim figure we dream of.

African mango - characteristics

Recent years have shown that a significant proportion of the world's population is choosing to benefit from the properties of the African mango. What is it? As the name suggests, African mangoes originate from Africa, where they are obtained from a tree known by the Latin name Irvingia gabonensis. The nickname mango comes from the shape of the fruit from this tree. It turns out, however, that it is the seeds of the fruit that are crucial in weight loss treatments. It is the extract from these seeds that is used in the production of supplements, which are then available in the form of powder, tablets or coated capsules for swallowing.

Origin of the African mango

The trees are found in the tropical forests of Africa and in Central and West Africa. For years, African mangoes have been a staple in the diet of the people who live there. It is not without reason that the tribes living in Africa boast a slim physique as well as a low rate of cardiovascular disease. Trees give us fruits, in which we find seeds with an oily consistency. However, the fruit produced by trees is characterised by a bittersweet aftertaste. The trees bear fruit during the rainy season, usually between July and September. Until recently, supplements based on African mango were mainly known in the United States and Western Europe, but nowadays they are increasingly used in Poland as well.

Supplementation with African mango

Every person interested in the subject of weight loss will notice that there are many dietary supplements based on the content of African mango. It shouldn't surprising because systematic intake of the supplementation one hour before a meal allows you to reduce your appetite, which makes it easier for you to go on a diet with fewer calories during the day. It is also worth mentioning that the easily soluble fibre source contained in the supplement extracts helps to lower excessively high blood cholesterol levels, as well as to achieve optimal blood glucose levels. In addition, consumers note that African mango supplementation significantly accelerates the breakdown of body fat from even the most resistant areas, which can include the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Appropriate use

The research on African mango has shown that it is the systematic use of the capsules in combination with a well-balanced diet and even a small amount of physical activity that ensures the desired effects. It is enough to take one capsule 30 minutes before a meal. Remember to hydrate with plenty of fluids. We must also realise that the effects will not appear overnight. The length of the slimming treatment based on African mango depends on individual predispositions.

Side effects?

African mango boasts great effectiveness during weight loss treatments and it is hard to find information about side effects resulting from long-term use of this supplement. Using African mango for too long may lead to slight inconveniences in the form of headaches, difficulty sleeping. Nevertheless, we think that it is worth the slight inconvenience in the fight against excessive kilograms. We are convinced that a slim figure can compensate for these inconveniences.

At the same time, we emphasise that manufacturers of African mango supplements do not generally recommend their use for breastfeeding and pregnant women. As the combination of African mango with other chemicals is currently unknown, it is advisable to contact your doctor if you are taking any other medication.

African mango

Where to find the African mango supplement

This issue should not be too troublesome, as supplements are mainly available for sale online, where you can find a wide selection of solutions in a varied price range. Manufacturers make every effort to attract a large customer base. Therefore, they offer products at very attractive prices. What is more, in many cases when a customer decides to purchase a supplement in a larger one-off transaction, they can count on a significant price reduction. This is a very beneficial solution for people who realise at the very beginning that in their case the treatment will last much longer than just one month. The wide range of offers means that every customer will find a solution tailored to their needs and budget.

African mango - its nutrients

Supplements created on the basis of African mango are a concentrated extract from its seeds. In the composition of the obtained products, we can find, among others, polyphenes, which, according to research, are responsible for maintaining the immunity of the organism at a proper level. Moreover, high content of fibre influences the regulation of digestive processes taking place in the body. We can also find here a number of valuable vitamins and minerals. Plant extracts contained in the supplements quickly hit the source of the problem, thanks to which they effectively support the functioning of digestive processes, accelerate metabolism and facilitate burning of fat tissue accumulated in various parts of the body.

Thanks to an appropriate selection of the best ingredients, African mango supplementation improves our well-being while adding a large portion of energy. Thanks to it, we have more willingness to act in the fight for our dream slim figure.

We must also mention that the action of African mango supplements is based on a hormone called lectin. It is the hormone that plays a key role in regulating metabolism, reducing appetite, body weight, etc. The research shows that lectin significantly suppresses appetite and increases calorie burning. It has been proven that overweight people have significantly lower leptin levels than those with a slim physique. One might be tempted to conclude that lower leptin production contributes to their overweight problem.

In addition, African mango seeds are a valuable source of beta-carotene, which protects individuals from high blood pressure, infertility, cancer, heartburn and poor mental health. Thanks to African mango supplementation, we are able to reduce the risk of diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels. African mango extract is also characterised by a stimulating effect, as the compounds it contains regulate energy processes in the body.